About a year and a half ago, I came across the little ecosystem revolving around the Turnigy/FlySky 9x radio sold for about $50 by Hobbyking. The context is rather silly but interesting: I had found and bought the little E-flite Sbach UMX bind-and-fly airplane I had fallen in love with, and being a Futaba user (still on 35MHz) I needed a radio for it. Of course, my Sbach was to receive the usual mandatory upgrades, i.e. an FPV equipment set with a panning camera (see the related posts for more info). But there came the problem: Those things have built-in Spektrum receivers. To control camera pan, the common solution is to use a headtracker and/or a knob on the radio. A quck search revealed that Spektrum radios are not headtracker friendly, and at that time the first radio in their lineup that featured a rotary knob was the $400 DX8.

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